Fr. Rossi has been a Crosier for 51 years and a priest for 44. He has had a very active and satisfying ministry that has included pastoral and educational services, writing, leadership in the Crosier Order and missionary work in the Congo and Brazil. Throughout the years, wherever he has been, he has given special attention to Christian formation through teaching, retreats and spiritual direction. He continues to dedicate his time to those services as a staff member of Crosier Cross Ministries in Phoenix.

His experience has given him a very wide view and appreciation of the Church, as well as a great sensitivity to other peoples’ cultures in Africa, South America, Asia and Europe. As a Crosier religious, he has been shaped by the spirituality of the Cross to stand by his brothers and sisters who suffer in any way and accompany them to new hope. He is grateful to know Christ and be a Catholic. He is eager to have others share in the Church’s teaching, Sacraments and mission today.