Welcome School and Parish Leaders!

Welcome to our catechist formation support page for pastors, clergy, principals and parish leaders in children’s catechesis, youth evangelization and RCIA/Adult Faith Formation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Prospective Catechist Trainers

Interested instructors in catechist formation must go through a one-day catechist trainer seminar before instructing catechists.  For more information, please email Kino Catechetical Institute at kinoinstitute@dphx.org

Frequently Asked Questions

Prepare to be enthralled: FAQ’s for pastors and parish leaders on the Catechist Formation Process are available here (updated July 1, 2012).


  1. What levels of certification does the Diocese have for the certification of catechists and parish catechetical and youth evangelization leaders?
  2. What is a catechist? Who falls under the definition of a catechist in our Diocese?
  3. What Church documents provide the guiding principles for catechist formation?
  4. Why is it important to form and train catechists?
  5. What are the major themes regarding Catechist Formation in the current catechetical documents?
  6. What are the goals of the new catechist formation process?
  7. What are the underlying principles of the new catechist formation?


  1. How should pastors and parish leaders discern a person’s calling to serve as a catechist in a parish?
  2. What role does Scripture have in the catechist formation process?
  3. What role does the United States Catholic Catechism for Adults (USCCA) have in the catechist formation process?
  4. What are the courses in the new catechist formation process?
  5. What happens if a person misses a course or a session? Can they continue in the formation process? Do they have to wait until the next time that missed session is offered?
  6. Can non-catechists, including parents and any interested adult, attend these sessions?
  7. This formation process appears to be all about content. Will the formation sessions be simply intellectual?
  8. How will the curriculum be formatted and offered?
  9. What additional elements will be part of catechist formation?
  10. Do Catholic School Teachers who are not catechists have to go through elements of the process that don’t directly impact them?
  11. Is there a cost to the new catechist formation process?
  12. When will catechist applications be processed and reviewed?
  13. What are the requirements for catechist recertification? When does a certified catechist need to apply for recertification?
  14. Can certified catechists take the new formation process for recertification?
  15. Does the Diocese offer catechist recertification sessions?
  16. Where can I find a schedule of courses in the new process?
  17.  How can my parish offer this formation?


  1. What are the qualifications for catechist trainers and presenters?
  2. What training is provided for catechist trainers?
  3. How much time will it take trainers to prepare for a session? What materials are provided for