Welcome Teachers from our Catholic Schools!

We are so grateful for the service you provide in educating children throughout the Diocese of Phoenix.

Kino Catechetical Institute is here to support you! The Essentials of the Catholic Faith Catechist Formation Program exists to satisfy your catechist certification requirement and support your mission of integrating the faith throughout your curriculum.

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  • Why Kino?

  • Classroom Environment

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Why Kino Catechetical Institute?

Benefits of Attending Kino

  • Learn new ways to integrate the Catholic faith into curriculum across subjects!
  • Get to know other Catholic school teachers from across the diocese, and build your network!
  • Learn from some of the best veteran instructors, catechists, clergy, and religious.

Features Kino

  • Dynamic formation aimed at preparing students to bear confident, charitable witness to the truths of the faith.
  • Systematic, comprehensive overview of the doctrine and dogma of the Catholic Faith to deepen understanding and provide a foundation for further work and study.

  • Successful completion of the Essentials of the Catholic Faith/Catechist Formation program satisfies the Catholic Schools Office catechist certification requirement for Catholic school teachers.

Classroom Environment

  • Experienced instructors, representing a variety of ministries and outreaches in the diocese.
  • Diverse mix of adult learners.
  • Opportunities to ask questions, and interact with instructors and fellow students.

Your Coursework

  • Essentials of the Catholic Faith: eight (8) one-day seminars focusing on the doctrine and dogma of the Catholic Faith.
  • Catechist Formation: two (2) one-day seminars focusing on the methodology and pedagogy of handing on the Catholic Faith.
  • No homework or tests!

Your Schedule

  • We do our best to accommodate you! Join us for two weeks in June (Mon-Fri) to complete all ten courses or make use of the first Saturdays each month throughout the school year.
  • Kino is located at the Diocesan Pastoral Center at 400 E Monroe St., Phoenix, AZ. Parking is offered in a parking deck east of the Diocesan Pastoral Center.
  • Successfully completing 8 Essentials courses and 2 Formation courses completes your certification for 3 years.

Schedule Essentials-Catechist Formation 2023-2024

Getting Started

Registration for the Summer 2024 session is now open. Classes will be held June 10 – June 21, 2024. Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Registration closes May 31st.

United States Catholic Catechism for Adults is required, Catholic Study Bible is recommended.

Also, if you are not ready to register, but have questions about your classes or schedule, please do not hesitate to email us: kinoinstitute@dphx.org

Download Application for Catechist Certification