“I recently completed my first year at the Kino Institute and wanted to share my enthusiasm for the program with all of you. The focus at Kino is catechesis, not theological speculation. You will be taught what the Church teaches, not opinions. In the classes I attended as a first year participant our  primary text books were The Bible, and The Catechism of The Catholic Church, both taught with passion and the love of Christ.

So why am I sending out this mass invitation, because it’s important. It’s important that we know and understand, to the best of our ability, the truth of Jesus Christ. To be effective evangelizers we need to know who we proclaim. Perhaps some of you who receive this invitation have already benefited the type of education offered at Kino, if so you understand its value, please join me in urging others to take the time to investigate whats offered “in our own backyard”. Rick N., Prepare the Way Year I

“I have found Kino to be an interesting and informative experience.  The instructors are knowledgeable and passionate about their subjects, and they have a gift for presenting the material in a way that is both challenging and accessible to any student, no matter their previous educational experience.

I particularly like knowing that I am getting sound Catholic teaching.  While some material may challenge me to examine my attitudes and beliefs, at no time have I been concerned about the validity of the teaching.

I also enjoy the five-week class format.  While it isn’t enough time to go really deep in any one topic, it is enough to give a good foundation, a solid platform to build from.

Kino has helped to highlight those areas where my knowledge is weak, or where I’ve become complacent, as well as given me the tools to grow stronger, both in my faith, and in my relationship with God.

Finally, I can’t say enough about the joy it is to come together each week with a group of individuals who share a common desire to know more about our Catholic Faith, and who want to grow closer to our Lord.” Jim B., Prepare the Way Year I

“This year of study has been an answer to prayer. I have done so much over the years in order to grow in my faith and yet I knew that something was missing. I had questions that went beyond the material I was able to read on my own; I now know that I needed the invaluable instruction given by the wonderfully educated and faithful teachers at Kino Institute. The instruction I have received has been the highest quality of education that I could have ever hoped for.

The classes were structured very well; and even more important, each teacher was perfectly suited for the course they taught. The level of passion and their love for the Faith, and for the subject they were instructing, was inspiring to say the least. One class built upon the other and led us through an amazing journey which I will forever cherish. Because of this knowledge, my love for the beautiful Catholic Faith has grown even more intense.

The blessings that were given to me throughout this year have already multiplied in both my family life as well as my ministry. As a Catechist I have never been more inspired to teach, or more prepared to do so. The joy this knowledge has given me has deeply affected my personal prayer time, as well as my community prayer during Mass.

Each and every person I have been in contact with throughout this year, from Luz to each of the teachers and students, have all made an impact in my life, and are in my daily prayers. Since I have had this wonderful opportunity to get to know my fellow classmates, I have a new appreciation for the individual path we are experiencing; as well as a profound respect for the dedication, hard work and long hours, the Deacons and their wives commit to.

I will continue to encourage others to take classes at Kino hoping that they too will experience what I have.” Maryann S., Prepare the Way Year I

“As a Catholic Christian, I have found Kino Institute invaluable in my day-to-day growth in the Lord. The program is well written, easy to understand, and well-executed by highly motivated and knowledgeable staff. I would highly recommend this program for Catechetical Studies and Pastoral Ministry Formation.” Patricia D., Prepare the Way Year I

“My experience with the Kino has been a life change blessing in my life.

I began with the thirst to know God, and in my journey in my first year it has been very rewarding, I have learned to respond to God’s love and I have learned he never leaves and is always with us. I know God embraces me with his Fatherly Love all the time. I have come to learn about how the sacraments of the church bring us closer to God and receive Jesus Christ fully. My relationships with my family, friends and neighbors have grown with God’s love by sharing my faith in every encounter with others I listen and share my faith.  My co-workers tell me that they are closer with the Lord and they have the hunger to learn more about God. My friends and co-workers have suggested many outreach ministries that I may be interested in and they invite me to share my witness and faith with woman’s groups and I also have been invited to visit the families of my co-workers in hospice and many people who I interact daily ask me to pray for them and during our conversations I always thank God for using me as his vessel.  I have also discovered a way of learning through cassette tapes and videos offered in the Kino Library due to a disability I have,  I am learning and growing daily.  By faith everything is possible and the teachers and Priest have touched my life with a magnificent light of love from our Lord. I have come to understand the Catholic Church and her teachings. The students in my Catechism class are eager to become leaders in the church and become ministers one day.

My journey in life is to help others and proclaim the Word of God.  I could write forever!” Maria S., Prepare the Way Year I

“When I entered the class at Kino I didn’t know what to expect but was hoping for a deeper knowledge of my faith. What I realized recently was that I not only obtained that knowledge but also, through the great teaching skills and deep commitment and knowledge of the faculty, came to know God’s deep and never ending love for us. Being a product of the era of hell and damnation catechesis I felt I did most everything because I was afraid of God and though I prayed could not seem to move beyond that.  Now after this last year of study at Kino and the help of the Holy Spirit I worship and serve God not because I am afraid but out of love for God and gratitude for the great sacrifice of His Son. I am very grateful and am looking forward to this coming year of study.” Sharon P., Prepare the Way Year I