Mission Statement of Kino Catechetical Institute

Kino Catechetical Institute, a department of the Division of Education and Evangelization, Diocese of Phoenix, provides foundational formation in Catholic doctrine, strengthening the laity to respond to the call of Christ to discipleship in the Spirit of the New Evangelization. Kino Catechetical Institute fulfills this mission through:

  • Providing catechetical formation
  • Deepening the human, intellectual, spiritual and pastoral formation for service.
  • Embracing, celebrating and serving cultural diversity for effective proclamation of the Gospel.
  • Forming participants to bear prophetic witness to our faith through lives of fidelity, charity, justice and stewardship.

Mission Statement of the Adult Faith Formation & Parish Leadership Combined Program


The Adult Faith Formation & Parish Leadership Combined program is a two-year adult leadership formation program for parish leaders, deacon candidates and other interested Catholics seeking to deepen their faith.

Through program participants will:

  • Understand God’s plan of salvation and the mission of Christ’s Church.
  • Study and demonstrate an understanding of Sacred Scripture and Church Teachings as presented in the Catechism of the Catholic Church.
  • Foster a maturity of faith cultivated in fidelity to Sacred Tradition and magisterial teaching.
  • Develop critical thinking, writing, and communication skills for effective parish leadership.
  • Acquire ‘best-practices’ skills for implementing parish programs.

Mission Statement of Diocese of Phoenix

December 2, 1994

As we Build, Bless, and Become the Body of Christ.

Because of our Baptism, the Holy Spirit calls us, the people of the Roman Catholic Church of Phoenix, to conversion as we come together to be nourished in the Eucharist, proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ, and serve the needs of all God’s people.

To be faithful to our baptismal call and our tradition, we accept the challenge to:

  • build a prayerful community which welcomes and celebrates our cultural diversity;
  • reach out actively and invite all, without prejudice, to experience the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ;
  • and distribute justly our resources with the poor, and share with each other the gifts God has given to us.