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About Kino

Kino Catechetical Institute Staff Director of Kino Catechetical Institute Spanish Programs Administrator/Office Manager. Bilingual Administrative Assistant What We Do Kino Catechetical Institute provides courses of study in catechetical formation intended to deepen each student’s knowledge of the faith, and love for Jesus. In so doing, Kino serves Catholics who wish to grow in their understanding of Christ’s Church, and prepares its graduates to effectively articulate and defend their faith. In addition, Kino Catechetical Institute is in charge of [...]

Learn Your Faith. Live Your Faith. Share Your Faith.

Learn Your Faith. Live Your Faith. Share Your Faith. Kino Catechetical Institute, a department of the Division of Education and Evangelization, Diocese of Phoenix, provides foundational formation in Catholic doctrine, strengthening the laity to respond to the call of Christ to discipleship in the Spirit of the New Evangelization. Welcome to Kino Catechetical Institute. We have something for everyone. Catholic School Teachers Curious Catholics Aspiring Deacons Parish Catechists Meet the faculty and staff of Kino Catechetical Institute. Learn more about our [...]

Participants’ Comments

"I recently completed my first year at the Kino Institute and wanted to share my enthusiasm for the program with all of you. The focus at Kino is catechesis, not theological speculation. You will be taught what the Church teaches, not opinions. In the classes I attended as a first year participant our  primary text books were The Bible, and The Catechism of The Catholic Church, both taught with passion and the love of Christ. So why am I sending out this mass invitation, because it's important. It's important that [...]