In addition to the general sessions, participants in the Respect Life also attend the following sessions:

Year Two – January 13, 2012

JPII/Fides et Ratio: Engaging the Culture

This talk will:

  1. Give an overview of John Paul II’s Encyclical Fides et Ratio.
  2. Define the Christian understanding of philosophy and metaphysics and its role in supporting the Faith.
  3. To highlight the primary non-Catholic philosophical schools of thought in our culture and show their opposition to Christian metaphysics.

Conversion in Adults

Parish Models and Resources

This talk will:

  1. Provide practical tools for establishing a prolife ministry at a parish.
  2. Discuss the importance of working in communion with one’s pastor and bishop.

Highlight essential resources for supporting prolife ministry at the parish.

Healing and Respect Life

This talk will:

  1. Give an overview of the personal wounds and pain inflicted by the culture of death.
  2. Show Christ’s response to the woman at the well as the primordial model for our response to the wounded person.
  3. To highlight the essential dispositions, attitudes and strategies to take to promote and provide healing on the parish level.

Current Issues in Medical Ethics

This talk will:

  1. Summarize the Church’s moral principles in the area of life.
  2. Give an overview of the most recent issues in medical ethics.
  3. Discuss ways in which the Church is responding to these issues.

Year One (2013)

1. JPII/Evangelium Vitae pt. 1

2. JPII/Evangelium Vitae pt. 2

3. Event Planning 101

4. Ecclesia in America and the foundations of Solidarity

5. Catholics in the Public Square