In addition to the general sessions, participants in the Marriage Track also participate in the following sessions:

Year Two – January 13, 2012

Forces Affecting Today’s Family

This talk will:

  1. Analyze current societal trends that affect family life.
  2. Give an overview of the philosophical issues undermining family life.
  3. Offer practical advice for promoting marriage at the parish in light of these trends.

Conversion in Adults

Training Mentor couples

This talk will:

  1. Discuss the purpose of mentor couples in the pastoral support of marriage.
  2. Provide characteristics of healthy and holy mentor couples.
  3. Analyze the process of growth through which a mentor couple guides and supports married couples and how the mentor couple can practically respond to these stages.

Annulments, convalidations and remarriages

This talk will:

  1. Give a catechesis on the Church’s understanding of marriage, based on Theology and Canon Law.
  2. Explain what an annulment is and is not.
  3. Cover the issues that RCIA leaders will encounter in regards to marriage and annulments, including strategies about how to deal with those in irregular marriage situations and guidelines about their reception of the Sacraments.


Supporting broken marriages: Models, strategies and Resources

This talk will:

  1. Highlight John Paul II’s vision of the support of the family in Familiaris Consortio.
  2. Identify the primary ways in which families today are broken and wounded.
  3. Provide practical ways in which parishes can respond to these situations.

Year One (2013)

1. John Paul II’s Vision of the Family in Familiaris Consortio/Letter to Families pt. 1

2. John Paul II’s Vision of the Family in Familiaris Consortio/Letter to Families pt. 2

3. Event Planning 101

4. Marriage Enrichment and Parenting Support: Models, strategies and Resources

5. Remote Preparation: Working with children’s catechesis and youth evangelization